package drivers

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Type Members

  1. abstract class MahoutSparkDriver extends MahoutDriver

    Extend this class to create a Mahout CLI driver.

  2. class MahoutSparkOptionParser extends MahoutOptionParser

    Adds parsing of Spark specific options to the option parser

  3. trait TDIndexedDatasetReader extends Reader[IndexedDatasetSpark]

    Extends Reader trait to supply the org.apache.mahout.sparkbindings.indexeddataset.IndexedDatasetSpark as the type read and a element and row reader functions for reading text delimited files as described in the org.apache.mahout.math.indexeddataset.Schema

  4. trait TDIndexedDatasetReaderWriter extends TDIndexedDatasetReader with TDIndexedDatasetWriter

    A combined trait that reads and writes

  5. trait TDIndexedDatasetWriter extends Writer[IndexedDatasetSpark]

    Extends the Writer trait to supply the type being written and supplies the writer function

  6. class TextDelimitedIndexedDatasetReader extends TDIndexedDatasetReader

    Reads text delimited files into an IndexedDataset.

  7. class TextDelimitedIndexedDatasetReaderWriter extends TDIndexedDatasetReaderWriter

    Reads and writes text delimited files to/from an IndexedDataset.

  8. class TextDelimitedIndexedDatasetWriter extends TDIndexedDatasetWriter

    Writes text delimited files into an IndexedDataset.

Value Members

  1. object ItemSimilarityDriver extends MahoutSparkDriver

    Command line interface for

  2. object RowSimilarityDriver extends MahoutSparkDriver

    Command line interface for ).

  3. object TestNBDriver extends MahoutSparkDriver

  4. object TrainNBDriver extends MahoutSparkDriver