package blas

This validation contains distributed algorithms that distributed matrix expression optimizer picks from.

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Type Members

  1. class DrmRddOps[K] extends AnyRef

  2. trait EWOps extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ABt

    Contains RDD plans for ABt operator

  2. object AewB

    Elementwise drm-drm operators

  3. object AinCoreB

    Matrix product with one of operands an in-core matrix

  4. object At

    A' algorithms

  5. object AtA

    Collection of algorithms to compute X' times X

  6. object AtB

  7. object Ax

    Matrix product with one of operands an in-core matrix

  8. object CbindAB

    Physical cbind

  9. object CloningEWOps extends EWOps

  10. object InplaceEWOps extends EWOps

  11. object MapBlock

  12. object Par

    Physical adjustment of parallelism

  13. object RbindAB

    Physical rbind

  14. object Slicing

  15. def addOuterProduct(mxC: Matrix, a: Vector, b: Vector): Matrix

    Method to do mxC += a cross b in-plcae a bit more efficiently than this expression does.

  16. implicit def drmRdd2ops[K](rdd: DrmRdd[K])(implicit arg0: ClassTag[K]): DrmRddOps[K]

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